Functional Fitness is real life. It’s running to the beach on a hot summers day without puffing, it’s unloading a trailer load of firewood without lower back pain, it’s joining the work social touch team without hesitation safe in the knowledge that you’re not going to collapse before half-time.  At Southern Latitude we train you to smash your goals and get you in the greatest shape of your life through the process.

Classes are 1 hour consisting of a strength and a conditioning portion.


Strength is where we learn, improve and strengthen our skills. This can be classic lifts (squats, deadlift, presses), Olympic lifts (snatch, clean and jerk), gymnastic elements (handstands, pull ups, bodyweight work) and unconventional movements like tire drags, sled pushes and more!


Conditioning is where we get the lungs working. Workouts range from 3-30mins and are different everyday. We add elements like running, rowing and other fast paced bodyweight movements, combine them with weighted aspects like kettle bells and barbells to make you the fittest, strongest version of yourself.


We remove the excuses:  “my dodgy back”, “my strength”, “my fitness…”  We help you remove the barriers so you can do the things you want to do!




On Wednesday's we go big! 

SoLatEnduro, or Enduro Wednesday as it's known to locals, is our big sweat out day! We swap out the strength portion and add extra mobility before a longer conditioning piece. We lessen the weights, increase the duration and have a midweek lung burner! 





Humans are born to run so let’s get you moving. This running-based program is designed to massively increase your lung capacity to bring out your inner John Walker!


Whether you are new to lifting weights or a seasoned vet looking to take your lifting to a competitive level, strength club is for you! New Zealand rep Andy Rodgers breaks down the technical components of Olympic Weightlifting with easy to follow skills and drills making SoLatStrength the ideal place to learn, build confidence and hit those new personal bests.




We’ve come a long way from ribbons and leotards - Southern Latitude are about freestanding handstands, ring and bar movements and everything in between. SoLatGymnastics focuses on abdominal and shoulder strengthening and stability. Starting with fundamental movements used in SoLatCrossFit and building skills and strength to get you moving like the best.


Looking for more one-on-one time? Our trainers will help you smash your goals. We start with full consultations and build a program specifically for your needs. This is a great way to fast track your skills and fitness to join a SoLatFunctional class, plan and train for future events or work on specific movements in a controlled environment.

Functional Fitness - fitness you can use

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It's training so you can run to the beach without getting puffed, unload a trailer without lower back pain or give you the ability to join the social touch team without hesitation. Find your fitness!

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We have the best to give you the best. Our Coaches are the most experienced and qualified in the business. Combine that with our passion for people and we guarantee  you will get the results you want.

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We are nothing without the people we sweat next to. Gridded, group fitness bootcamps are out - personally knowing what each members wants, what they do outside the gym and their drink preferences are in!

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