In fitness land, you name it, Andy’s done it! Rowing, Soccer, Rugby, Running, Surf Life Saving even a brief stint in youth Gymnastics (think ribbons)… finally he landed on Olympic Weightlifting and hasn’t looked back.  Competing in numerous international competitions, Andy’s love for shifting tin led to a Degree in Sports Coaching from the University of Canterbury. Combine that with 10 years coaching experience, 6 years personal training and 1 physical challenge (that became a career in Crossfit), you’ll see Andy's incredible passion for Southern Latitude Crossfit that shines through the club everyday.

Andy has competed and place at many NZ CrossFit competitions since 2013 including a trip to Australian regionals. If he's not at the gym coaching or training, you'll find him playing guitar or drums if not at the beach! 

Andy Rodgers

Gareth began his fitness journey in the Army when ‘Adapt and Overcome’ was the mantra to sustain the incredible physical work-load that military service demands.  Cream rises to the top, and after basic training Gareth marched out as one of the fittest recruits in his intake.  He served for a further 3 years including a tour to East Timor. Where does a young, hardened solider go after the Army? Well, cruise ships of course!  He swapped mud for yoga mats and learnt the cool and calm side of fitness, including pilates and yoga while honing his personal training and hospitality skills.


Continuous up-skilling, including certifications in movement, nutrition and lifestyle and 10 years as a personal trainer and coach finally all came together through Crossfit and after yet another qualification he was fully immersed and never looked back! 

Now, Gareth's physical challenges are usually thrown at him by Coach Andy and they go head-to-head again this year at the Queenstown Half  Marathon.

Gareth O'Donnell

Mike Roberts

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