We don't want you injured either!

Welcome back! Check out our beautiful first week of programming - if I do say so myself. The aim this week is simple: effective, return-to-gym workouts. But that jolly anxiety can creep in and even though you know we're going to look after you, it can upset your first week. So, here's what I think about it!

You're going to feel that way regardless. Whether a return after a holiday, a return after a few weeks off or a return since 2015. Sometimes you have a busy 5 years! Remember this: We don't want you injured either.

It's an idea I talk to all newbies about. Some walk in with visual apprehension. They'll see someone squatting with 2 plates, doing pull-ups or handstanding and say "I can't do that!". I reply "Great! I don't want you to." They look at me confused but then we talk about progressions, where the SoLatter they are staring at started and what options are in place. I usually finish the convo by saying "It's in my best interest to not injure you. If you're injured, you won't come back!" They penny drops and they start their trial.

The same goes to current SoLatters that are returning this week. We don't want you injured! So head on in, say happy new year, do some exercise and we'll leave smiling.

See you at SoLat

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