Leap before you look!

Motivation’s a funny old thing. It can come-and-go in the blink of an eye. One night you’re planning the weeks’ workouts, sizing up PB’s and talking a massive enduro Wednesday game. The next it’s a little colder in the morning and your electric blanket is impossible to leave.

Planning helps but it won’t pry you away from your blissful 1000-thread count sheets. Often if the plan was formed the night before and can be easily forgotten the morning after. Maybe you’re not a planner and the idea of structure in the week chokes your feelings of freedom. Or perhaps you like to wait for your body to feel perfect to attempt your goals only to find that your achy shoulder hasn’t fixed itself and now’s just not the right time. Whatever the case, sometimes, the best planning just isn’t enough. All the motivational meme’s and vid’s won’t change your bad day before training that makes you head home instead of the gym. And even your gym-buddy’s text can’t do it. “OMG! He’s programmed OUR workout. 5:15pm won’t know what hit it”. Sadly, 5:15pm remained fully aware of what hit it because afterwork drinks won - again.

“Not overly optimistic this week, Andy”. As someone that has experienced all of the above and more, I feel very qualified to comment. Goal sheets, workout buddies, mantra’s and everything in-between are nothing without action. In our WHOOPIE goal setting chart, it’s the E for Execute. Whether it’s just stepping foot into the gym to get started, packing your gym bag or hitting the streets for that first sprint session - planning means nothing until we act. So let’s reverse it and act first!

We know how to plan (avid blog readers can scroll back through the in-depth WHOOPIE goal setting posts starting March 7th) and we know what we want. Instead of overthinking, getting creative and finalising your exercise moodboard, just get out there! If you want to snatch 50kg just come to the gym and move some tin. If you want to run 10km, grab your shoes and run down the road and if you want to swim the firth of Thames then speedo-up and get wet!

If we start by starting then we get over the first hurdle which is literally the first step. Do one thing in your goals directions. Then make your bulletproof plan to continue in the knowledge that you’ve already started.

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