Get to the end first!

Ah, finishing. One of life’s rare pleasures. The lack of breath, the sweat dripping and the shared satisfaction of finishing together. The thing about getting to the good part is you have to work to get there. At the time, when you’re in the thick of it, you can think of slowing down to catch your breath, stopping early or even cheating to get there. This is about exercise...

The reason we workout is to get closer to our goals. One massive booster in driving us back to the gym is that wonderful post-workout satisfaction. The end can feel like a million miles away when you’re in the second minute of a 35min enduro Wednesday. But, have you ever noticed your energy magically returns in the closing stages? There is always a little extra gas in the tank and there’s nothing better than that final push towards the finish knowing you’ll be flooded with the good hormones immediately afterwards. So let’s remember that!

Think about the outcome (the emotional tie to why we’re exercising) when the wall balls get tough. It’s a crazy powerful response. Suddenly, “this sucks” becomes “this is why you’re here” and the wall balls, although the same weight, become ball-able. So when you're bent in half, kneeling or even laying on the ground, think of the feeling of finishing and watch that energy soar. This still about exercise...

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