SoLat Summer - Week 3-5: It's over

OK, so let me start with some contrition up front for being such a terrible blogger. I lack commitment to the form, that much is clear, and like so much else in my life, I’ll just have to try harder in future.

So, here’s a collection of notes, including my experience on this programme, and my key learnings from it. We’re on the run up to summer now, the materialism and other absurdities of Xmas, and all the new goals that come with a New Year. So let’s box on with that, while taking a quick look back at SHAE first off.

1: This Programme Is Really Good

To be clear, any failures aren’t to do with the programme. They’re mine. I’ve never seen a programme that was so detailed, so personalised, and so filled with potential to change your life if you followed it. Well, Mormonism and the Church of Scientology both make big promises, but somehow I’m skeptical. The things I loved here were how much it seemed to know about me, how I like to eat, exercise, rest, fuck about and do nothing. The only thing it didn’t understand about me is how little I like mobile notifications. Three hundred times a day is too many, SHAE. Take note.

2: I Didn’t Fail, Actually.

I kind of lied about that bit. My approach, after the first week, was to embrace the wider principles involved, rather than the detailed instructions. I started eating twice a day for the main part, made vegetables 80 - 90% of my diet, and got back into resistance training. Considering I had a mostly sedentary year writing a novel and talking smack with Andy, those were worthwhile wins. My weight dropped three KG approximately, I started sleeping better (just huge for me as a fitful, restless sleeper), and my mood largely improved, outside the normal caveat of being a cantankerous, curmudgeonly bastard. Look them up, if you don’t know.

3: SoLat is Still the Best Shop in Town

Yeah, preaching to the choir, probably, but it is. I often train at LM over in Takapuna as it’s closer to where I live and I don’t need to deal with traffic, and I like it OK, I really do, but SoLat, it ain’t. SoLat is the gym for adults, for grown ups, for people who understand that fluorescent lycra went out in the 80s, and that modern fitness is a functional activity best done in a spirit of hard effort and general goodwill towards your fellow humans, not a collection of calf raises done under a cloud of roid rage. I love it as much for what isn’t there, as what is. No mirrors. No young guys playing on cell phones. No preening, peacocking, or other folly to shake my head about. Just a serious commitment on the part of its staff to helping you have a better life. So, good work on that front, Andy.

4: Happy Christmas

Christmas in New Zealand is always special, no matter what. The sun finally turns golden, the Pohutukawas blossom, fresh berries are affordable in the supermarket for one day, and it’s generally not too hard to get out and do something active. Take advantage of it, because you blink, and you’ll miss it. Don’t spend it all in your car stuck in Auckland’s fucking traffic, the worst in the world, unless you’re driving to a session at SoLat.

Peace out, y’all.


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