SoLat Level 2

We’re back in the familiar territory of training at level 2. It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were adapting to training at this level but here’s a reminder of what L2 looks like at SoLat.


Social distancing. Gyms require 2 meter distancing so the workout zones are in effect. Workout zones will be marked with less tape and stickers to make the zones even clearer.


Equipment. We have barbells and mats in each station permanently but weights, KB’s, boxes, wall balls and any other equipment will be localised in the gym. Items are to be taken to your zone as needed at the start of class. This way we can keep a clearer workout zone and your small amount of equipment can then be cleaned and returned. It will take a little patience at the start and end of class so gear can be returned while maintaining social distance and this system will be assessed as level 2 progresses.


Workout zones. Classes will have a maximum of 14 people.  This way we can maximise gym space and still maintain social distance. Zones are marked with tape and should be filled from the outside in. 


Cleaning. Since last lockdown we’ve employed cleaners to clean the bathrooms thoroughly twice a week. The gym floor itself is spot cleaned as needed and thoroughly mopped and vacuumed weekly. We use spray bottles and wipes which members can grab on their way to their zones to use and return. For slightly bigger jobs the mop and bucket is available as well.

Online classes. There has been a great attendance rate of our level 3 online classes. Online classes are available by request through either an email or message to the club. The online classes will not appear on Glofox.

Other L2 protocol. Hand sanitiser is mandatory on entry and hand washing is encouraged. Masks are not mandatory but welcome if you like. If you exhibit any symptoms of illness please stay home, rest and join online classes. Our contact tracing is through Glofox to show which classes you’ve been to and our QR code is present at the desk too.

Looking forward to the return of onsite classes starting tomorrow. Appreciate the efforts of everyone supporting the gym and doing their best to abide to the L2 protocol. Let's get back to doing what we do best!

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