You are what you train!

“I’ve NEVER been able to touch my toes” Says the lifter to the yoga student who’s heading to their 5th session that week. Well, no kidding. You are what you eat and in this case, you are what you train.

We’ll tend to train for thing that we’re good at. The short, muscle bound individuals find weightlifting and the slender 6’4” athletes gravitate to the basketball court. This is a good thing! Our intuition take us to activities our bodies are literally made for. But ballers need to be strong and lifters need to be nimble so we must work on the weaknesses too.

Imagine you’re training for your first half-marathon. You wouldn’t simply attempt 21.1kms every second Saturday and get frustrated because you can’t do it. You’d check your current running ability, decide on how many days a week you’re going to run and how many days you’re doing assistance exercises to help your running. You may change your diet, employ a coach, vary your training, re-test, get physio and read books written by the greats! So let’s do that for all our goals!

If mobility is your goal, spend 5 hours on it a week. Test and re-test. Use different methods and get the help of professionals. What about handstand holds, pull-ups or back squats? Same rules apply.

Your goal setting task this week is to consider the amount of time you’re committing to it. Then, make time (don’t *find* time) to get the work done. From there we can look at the ‘how’.

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