Resolutions aren't goals!

Goals! We love 'em. Big ones, small ones, short ones, tall ones and squishy ones. Goals, they're the best. They take a bit of putting-together, re-jigging, discipline and commitment though and this is how they differ radically from resolutions.


"This year is MY year!" Echoed everyone at their first R&V as they finished their 12th Long White (that's this generations Smirnoff Ice). "In 2021 I'm gunna be more organised!", They followed up with. "YAASSSS, SO adulting!" Their friend replied trying to find their tent and further disappoint their parents.


These are not goals. Not even #goals. They're barely sentences. And as the Gisborne dust settles and the hangovers kick in they'll go back to their disorganised selves and their 'resolutions' will be instantly forgotten.


Luckily, that's not us! We know that goals take a little bit more work and the very first step is thinking of what you want. You being the operative word. If you want to run a marathon because your flatmate said they did then that's not your goal. It's theirs and they've already done it! If you want to snatch 100kg because someone on instagram did, then that's not your goal either! It's theirs and it was probably photoshopped. So, what do YOU want?


I'll start you off: Goals should be intrinsic. Intrinsic means that even if there is no-one watching, no medals and no prize money, then you'd still do it. The praise, prizes and profile acclaimed are extrinsic and they don't make for good motivators. Secondly, think if you want an "in here" goal or an "out there" goal. Do you want to handstand walk 10m (in here) or do you want to cycle around Lake Taupo (out there)?.


That's it! Task assigned. From there we look at planning to achieve but for now simply put your thinking caps on.

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