New Year, Same Me.

New Year, Same Me.

New years. Nothing like a trip around the sun to reset our visions, our goals and to completely forget our crippling failures on ever other new years resolutions you’ve conjured over the last ten years.

Maybe it’s the hangover talking this year is MY year. New year; new me! It all begins on Monday so watch out, 2020! One resolution is never enough. Why not quit junk food AND take up yoga-lates. This fresh hair cut goes well with my love for weekend hikes. Dry January? No probs, I’ll totes get to work before the boss everyday, too!

Now you’re on fire. You always wanted a dog, a podcast, a ‘gram bod and that influencer life. Thing is, Jan 1st is the same as Aug 4th and November 6th even sometimes Feb 29th. Change is good. Health is good. Creating an unattainable, laundry list of tasks/habit’s/surgeries to create the person you think is the best version of yourself is destined to fail. Especially on Jan 1st.

Start with one thing.

Nail it, then add another.

Ever changed your diet? The incredible journey of hormones changing, craving’s complaining and energy draining? What a perfect time to quit smoking… Do yourself (and everyone around you) a massive favour - love yourself. Write a small list of highly attainable goals. Pick one. Crush it and ride that high all the way to goal two. Just don’t then party like it’s 1999.

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